There aren’t that many of us compared to lifestyle influencers, but in today’s world, sports influencers are the directions that many brands are (and should be) moving into for their marketing. We present a wide range of marketing opportunities for brands in a way that traditional marketing cannot achieve. Gone is the old cereal box strategy…we are the NEW WAVE of people who influence your audience. Why?  Because today individuals have a large following in all corners of the product market. Also, the popularity will ensure that the product is communicated to many people where they will end up using it. The following are the reasons why influencers are the new cereal box and why brands should embrace them in marketing.

The soft sell  – sports influencers are not a pushy marketing strategy.

One of the best advantages of sports influencer’s strategy is that we/they do not push the product to the market, unlike the traditional method of marketing. The common mode of traditional marketing being advertisements, people often find it repetitive, and most get tired of the advert that keeps coming from time to time. Internet users also get frustrated by the ever-popping ads which they find annoying from doing their work. With the use of influencers, there is no force applied to the customers as the marketing is silent, and you will get yourself attracted to the strategy due to the use of the sports icon, which is, in most cases, celebrated for their great achievements.Sports influencer marketing is credible

You take advice from your best friend don’t you? Just like your best friend in real life our audience gets to know us and rely on us, and so we are easily trusted by our followers. When a sports influencer is used in marketing a certain brand especially sporting goods brands, people will easily trust the brand as they have the trust in the person. With many followers being always engaged with sporting writers, there is a long-lasting relationship that is created that ends up instilling royalty in their minds. This leads to believing in us, and they will trust everything that he/she is marketing to be credible.

Allows Niche Targeting
I may only be a hack on the golf course, but people who read Cars, Bars and Pars identify with both my frustrations and my wins. The clubs, gloves, and balls that I choose are important to me and they know that I won’t steer them wrong. This bodes well for the brands who want to work with influencers like me. Sports are so important to us, and when marketing a product you use in a day to day activity, the trust will be built very fast to our focused following. Brands should always target the audience who are directly linked to the writer to allow a target marketing example, for a brand dealing with sports shoes, they are likely to hit the market well when they engage a weekend athlete who can use their product while actually participating in sports activities.Boosting SEO

Every brand would want its website to have a higher ranking on search engines, which is not always an easy task. When it comes to influencers, they have a huge following in both in the world as on social media platforms. With this following, they can create a quality backlink to your website. This will not only drive traffic to the website, but it will also improve your SEO.Provision of Value

The most credible reason why sports bloggers and influencers have a good following is because of how people identify with them.  People always believe sports influencers will always deliver honesty to them. For example, an influencer who is a golfer like me will share some of the skills in which followers will try to practice, especially those in the same age group. When a sporting individual shares a product and gives a recommendation, it will be able to garner a much more targeted following.
Generates Relevant Leads
Many influencers always have a niche based on how brands use them in marketing. So, when a product is related to a certain influencer, it could potentially end up having a lot of leads, which will end up being a market for the product. I use affiliate programs when I write, so it’s in my best interest to really promote as I make money on each product that my readers buy from my site or social media. When using influencers, it is very easy to reach the target market easily because they will not only create product awareness, but if they are compensated they will also help with the brand leads.Brands must ensure that sport influencing as a marketing strategy is a way to go for a fast, credible, and non-pushy communicating about the product to society. The method is highly productive, especially in earning the brand name.