Texas is the second-largest state in the entire United States, and it covers 268,597 square miles. Almost all the people that cover this area are die-hard sports fans. The real question is, why do all of these sports fans gravitate towards Texas? Is it because of the size of the state? Or is it because of all of the Houston real estate?

The answer is so simple, its only one word. Football. If anyone were to summarize Texas in one word, it would be football. The people living in Texas are so wrapped up in football that it seems crazy to many other people. But, if you are a die-hard football fan, then you should look at some real estate in texas areas.

All levels of football

The high school games in Texas are treated as if they are high-level college games. The whole town gathers together every Friday for Friday night lights. There are two weekly rituals in Texas. Sunday night church, and Friday night football.

That being said, college games are treated as if they are pro-level games, if not more important. If you get tickets to a Texas A&M game, then you will be forever loved in your hometown, and all of your friends will beg you to take them to the game.


Because of how high the level of football is in Texas, there are scouts all over the field looking for talent. So many kids get recruited strictly from high school ball in Texas. This makes the youth of football want to go to the great state of Texas so they too can get hired.

This then creates a cycle that never ends.  The youth always want to get involved with the game because there is so much opportunity that lies within the state. This makes them and their parents fans. Keep in mind that this is happening in the whole state, so the number of people attached to this cycle is enormous

The Energy

When you walk into a high school football stadium in Texas, it’s like nothing you’ve ever felt or seen before. It’s like this love and passion, not only for the game but for what it represents. The game represents life.

The ball is like the choices you are faced with, and the linemen are your best friends trying to give you as much time as you can to make your critical decisions. But eventually, the ball has to come out of your hand. Where you decide to throw can make a significant impact on the game.

To completely experience high school football, you have to go to Texas. Texans see football in another way. They don’t see it as just another game. They see it as do or die. What happens with their team that week is what determines how their week is going to be.

If you lose a rivalry game in Texas, you will be shunned until the following year when they play again. It’s more than a match there; it’s a way of life.