Amazingly, Zippy and Rachel not only still speaking with each other after all of the tireless work that they put in, not only to this magazine, but the show as well, and I am so proud of both of them for still making time for family and friends, even under deadline. I was excited to see Superbowl Legend Stephen Baker on their show again this week (I am through thick and thin forever a Giants fan). Each week she asks if I watched the show, and each week I say “NO, I CAN HEAR IT” since she’s broadcasting with only a sliding door between us. It’s true, and I have to be alert to keep the dog out of the studio, etc. (that’s my job).

One of these days I’ll catch the show….maybe when I’m away skiing and can’t hear it LIVE in the next room.

Of course, as I promised at the beginning of this post, it wouldn’t be the holidays without the holiday edition of The Compass Girls magazine….so HERE IT IS.



And if you haven’t caught The Compass Girls LIVE show, you are missing out on seeing stars like Stephen Baker (and interacting with him).

The Compass Girls airs – Wednesday evenings at 8 PM ET on The Compass Girls Facebook page.