The items in this post were sent to us by the brand. We do not charge them for consideration or placement as we prefer to retain the right to not place an item that we don’t truly love.

Each month you can find my unboxing of the Short Par 4 subscription box over on my Instagram Channel @carsbarspars. For those of you who come HERE to the blog to learn more about golf, cars, food and drink, etc. I thought that this would be a great time to share this month’s box. But, for those of you who have never experienced a golf subscription service, I figured that I’d give you a little background info.

Short Par 4 is a premier subscription-based service that offers a unique and personalized golf shopping experience for enthusiasts and avid golfers like us. Founded with the mission to make golf fashion more accessible, convenient, and stylish, Short Par 4 takes the hassle out of shopping for high-quality golf apparel and accessories. That means, not being subject to only a few items or brands that the pro shop carries and not having to drive to those huge golf stores. As someone who absolutely HATES SHOPPING, I have found this to be my favorite way to try new clothes and golf products.

At the heart of the service is its subscription model, which allows members to receive a monthly curated box filled with golf apparel, accessories, and gear tailored to your style and preferences. The process begins with users completing a profile, providing details about your golfing habits, preferred clothing sizes, style preferences, and equipment needs. This information enables the Short Par 4 stylists to handpick items that align with each subscriber’s unique tastes and requirements.

One of the standout features of Short Par 4 is its commitment to partnering with some of the most prominent and sought-after golf brands in the industry. This ensures that subscribers receive top-notch, high-quality products from well-known names and emerging designers alike. Each monthly box typically contains a mix of apparel pieces, such as shirts, pants, shorts, hats, and other accessories like gloves, socks, and balls. Moreover, the service often includes limited-edition or exclusive items, making each box a delightful surprise.

With a focus on value and savings, Short Par 4’s subscription model offers a cost-effective way for golfers to stay stylish on and off the course. The total value of the items in each box generally exceeds the monthly subscription fee, making it an attractive proposition for those who want to stay up-to-date with the latest golf fashion trends without breaking the bank.

For those seeking more flexibility, Short Par 4 also provides an online shop where subscribers and non-subscribers alike can browse and purchase individual golf products at their convenience. This feature allows customers to complement their subscription boxes with specific items they may need or simply explore the latest offerings from their favorite golf brands.

Overall, Short Par 4 stands out as a golf subscription service that offers convenience, personalization, and exceptional value. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner looking to enhance your golf wardrobe and accessories, this subscription service is designed to elevate your golfing experience and ensure you look and feel your best on the course.

On to this month’s unboxing!

FYI, my Short Par 4 usually arrives in a bag and not a box, but this month I received an actual box. I realized why the minute I opened it. Sitting on top was a coveted hat from this year’s US Open that was recently held at the Los Angeles Country Club. For those who missed it…

    • Winner: Wyndham Clark
    • Second Place: Rory McIlroy
    • Third Place: Scottie Scheffler>

While we couldn’t be there in person, having a tournament hat is not only fun to wear, but for those of us who live for the sport, a collectible as well. I know that my son is going to want this, so I may just save it for his 40th birthday next month.

I’ve received quite a few 1764 Golf Shirts in my Short Par 4 mailings. If you haven’t heard of 1764 Signature, they are a brand that empowers you to unleash your individuality and defy the conventional norms of golf clothing. With unparalleled prints and top-notch materials, their polos boast a distinct edge that allows you to express your unique style on the course. Be prepared to make a statement with these attention-grabbing prints, designed to ignite conversations wherever you go.

Yes, they are FUN to wear, but their attention to detail like tailoring and using stays in the collar speaks to the quality of every piece that they put out. FYI, I had seen this print on the 1764 Signature site and was excited to get it this month. Oh and in the mailing was a great 20% off coupon to purchase MORE golf wear from this brand.

This month Short Par 4 outfitted me to the MAX by also including a pair of 1764 Signature Reid Shorts in navy. You’ll experience ultimate comfort and flexibility in these 9.5″ Inseam shorts, crafted from a soft heathered fabric blend of 52% Nylon, 42% Polyester, and 6% Spandex. These lightweight shorts come equipped with an elastic waist and convenient slash front pockets, making them the perfect choice for any adventure. Enjoy the freedom of movement and stay relaxed all day with their comfortable 4-way stretch design and back welt pockets. Comfort is KING in the game of golf, and I definitely feel comfortable all day long in these shorts.

One of the things that I really like about Short Par 4 is the size inclusivity. I wear an XXXL top and 44 pants and have always received golf fashionable clothing in my size.

This box is from the Fairway Membership – $54.95 per month. When I checked out the individual prices of each of the items in this months box it came to

  • 1764 Polo Shirt – $60
  • 1764 Reid Shorts – $60
  • US Open Hat – $32

TOTAL – $152



  • Fairway Membership –  $54.95 ($110+ retail value)
  • Executive Membership – $109.95 ($220+ retail value)
  • Magnolia Membership for women – $99 ($200+ retail value)
  • Glove Club – $15 ($25 retail value)
  • Junior Membership – $49.95 ($110+ retail value) with a choice of boys or girls

Get out of the pro shop and onto the course in style at