First of all, I’m not a fishing kind of guy. I could be, but I don’t think that I’ve held a rod in my hand since fishing off the bridge near my home when I was in middle school. Oh, I’ve been out on plenty of “fishing boats” but the only thing we were really fishing for was another beer and another story. So, why am I writing about fishing from a kayak in the days of social distancing?

Because it’s a great way to spend time alone

Mind you, I’ve never kayaked either, but Zippy and I live near the ocean and there are plenty of kayak rentals that dot the beach area, making them inexpensive and easy to access without even owning one and I imagine that there’s nothing quite like the combination of the thrill of fishing and the solitude of ocean kayaking (except maybe hitting a bucket of golf balls or skiing down a quiet mountain trail).

Don’t you think ocean kayak fishing sounds like fun?

Apparently, anyone can do it, not just professional kayakers, and all that is required is the right kind of kayak and you can be on your way. Imagine floating in your kayak in the middle of the ocean, having a peaceful day of fishing. It could be you (or it could be me – just not you AND me)! I do know that it’s really important to have some basic kayaking skills for this kind of kayaking activity. The only difference between fishing in your back yard, fishing in your kayak and fishing in the ocean is the kind of kayak that you use.

If you’re going to buy one, I’m pretty sure that you will find that ocean-style kayaks cost much more than other types of kayaks. And, you want to be sure that you buy a good ocean kayak, because the ocean can be a dangerous place if you do not have the best equipment. Ocean kayaks are easy to find, but they may be hard to select among. Choosing a kayak is a difficult decision unless you are well-informed. Knowing what is required is important. It makes your decision so much easier. That’s why I suggest renting at first, to make sure that you really enjoy it and exactly the type of ocean kayak works best for you.

The good thing is that ocean fishing kayaks are very much more durable than other kayaks and are built for comfort and speed (vs just floating along down a lazy river). They have tall backrests to keep you in place when you encounter waves and is storage space to keep your fishing gear and other equipment in so you do not dump them in the water.

Kayaking is a wonderful way to fish. It makes for a relaxing and enjoyable trip wherever you go. Now’s the time to start catching those huge ocean fish. Or if you’re like me, you’ll come home and tell your wife about the one that got away.