It’s Thursday evening and I’m in a cold sweat. My stomach is in knots, and my bowels are turning liquid. It can mean only one thing –


I have a membership at Meadowood Golf and Tennis Club, a great place. This was Sam Sneads home course and it’s just around the corner from me. Everyone who works there is as nice as nice can be, from the pros to the gentlemen that handle the golf bags and maintain the course (shout out to John, Jim, Bill, and Mr. B).

My coach Terry meets me on the practice range…at high noon…its a showdown

“Take it back slowly and turn, watch the club hit the ball”


“Take it back slowly”



HUGE DIVOT!! I start feeling very sad for Terry.

I can feel the groundskeepers looking at me. Then it happens….a swing…a click…and a high arcing golf ball framed against a deep blue sky. It’s like being in church, the cathedral of golf. But, that’s golf for me, 99% tragedy and 1% miracle.

On to the chipping range. It should be easier but it isn’t. The ball either goes nowhere or takes off at supersonic speed. Last seen headed toward the parking lot, I need a backstop like the Green Monster at Fenway. But, as bad as it gets there’s always one shot that brings you back.

See you next Friday Terry, for that 1% miracle.

Want to learn more about where I play golf? Visit:

Meadowood Golf & Tennis Club

9425 Meadowood Dr. – Fort  Pierce, FL  34951 – (772)466-4000