Photo courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Lines

I have been on more than a few cruises, but never before on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship. I never knew what I was missing. I would rate the Bliss in the top #2 in a possible toss-up. Here’s why


NCL takes all of the stress out of embarkation with no waiting due to being able to sign up for your arrival time in advance. It turns out that getting off the ship at the end of our journey was just as easy. Those of you who cruise know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.


Our first night out on the Bliss we got to see a top-notch performance of Jersey Boys setting the tone for the entire trip. From a tribute Beatles band (the Liverpool Beatles) in a reproduction of the famous Liverpool Cavern Club to standing, because I ALMOST got a BINGO, there is always something to do (or not to do if you wish). Even Origami and painting classes are available.

Ports of Call

  • Juneau
  • Skagway
  • Ketchican
  • Victoria, BC

There are so many excursions offered at each city. Zippy and I went on a whale watch that did NOT disappoint. We got so close that it was like the whales were watching US. We opted to visit the other cities completely on our own. She’ll be telling you more about the stops in an upcoming post on Champagne Living. Let’s just say that you HAVE to visit Chinatown in Victoria for an incredible meal.

Back on board

The Bliss is one of the largest ships that I’ve been on. At over 1,000 ft long, it holds 4,000 passengers and over 1,000 crew members. Yes, it is a BIG SHIP, but it feels very warm and cozy. The ship is laid out so that you never feel overwhelmed by crowds and always feel like you’ve found a spot that is “just yours.”


There are 12 specialty dining options and 9 complimentary eateries. Rather than one or two HUGE main dining rooms like most ships have, the Bliss has 2 that are smaller (Savor and Taste) as well as a large traditional looking one (The Manhattan Room). Having smaller dining rooms is one of those things that give that cozier feel to a large ship. Of course, Room Service is available 24-7 (at a charge).

There are more nooks and crannies than an English muffin. One of the not so little) nooks that I found myself in was the full-service casino (I made a $160 donation to the cause, not bad for a whole week of gambling). They offer both a smoking and non-smoking casino, and yes I popped my head into both. Also available for fun are a go-cart track, a full-service spa, work out room, and waterslides making the Bliss offering something for EVERYONE.

But the best thing about the Bliss is…

If you are trying to avoid someone there are so many options.

  • they go forward – you go aft
  • they go aft  – you go forward

But, my favorite unquestionable excuse for any cruising situation…act like you’re seasick. It never fails. Play the seasick card and watch them scatter. If by chance that doesn’t work, you can always hide in your cabin and call room service.

P.S. Alaska is the most beautiful state. The bald eagles, whales and other wildlife only accentuates the national forest and glaciers. Wait ’til you see what Zippy has in store coming up about this amazing trip.