As a Short Par 4 Ambassador, I am excited to bring you “what’s in the box” each month.

The Champagne is Poured & the Ball has Dropped

And it’s time to get out that paper and pen and start writing down your resolutions. While my wife is once again (for the umpteenth time) putting lose weight (she says she has to lose 5 lbs, but I don’t see it) and getting fit on her list, I am ready to up my golf game. She makes fun of me always taking lessons, but a pro can see what you are doing wrong and correct it before it becomes a bad habit.

But, it’s not JUST the lessons that make the golfer, it’s having great gear and looking (and feeling) good on the course that helps build confidence. Having the newest and best gear on the market can be just as important. This is why I like getting the Short Par 4 Fairway membership box every month. It gives me the opportunity to wear the best golf apparel and always have new balls, gloves, towels, markers, and more in my bag. I know that when I get behind the wheel of the cart and head down the path I am ready to play and I look the part.

Unboxing the Short Par 4 Fairway Box

It’s no secret that I HATE shopping, so being able to simply open a box each month with the newest clothes and products for golf (and leisure wear) means that I never have to step foot in a store or pro shop. It also saves me a LOT of money, as the Fairway Membership is only $54.95 per month, yet I consistently receive over $110 worth of products.

In this month’s box you’ll find

Shaft n Balls Boxers

Time sure passes quickly on the course when you wear these fun boxer shorts made of 95% Modal and 5% Spandex. Shaft & Balls boxers were designed with unique technology that lets your boys dangle in comfort. Crafted with long, hot rounds of golf in mind, that shouldn’t stop everyone from enjoying their benefits, not just golfers. Not only do they guarantee that your shaft & balls will be living the dream in their ultra-tech pouch, but they will also live a life of luxury and style in any of the fun, badass designs like these with clocks.

1764 Signature Birdie Pants

Baby blue never looked this good before. Make a statement on or off the course in these full length slacks, perfect for cooler days when short just won’t do. I have a few of the 1764 polos and tops, and love the fabric and prints that they offer. These are not only soft, but move WITH you to keep you focused on you swing and NOT those uncomfortable pants that you usually wear.

Short Par 3 Divot Tool and Ball Marker

See, I told you that Short Par 4 always includes the gear you need for EVERYTIME you’re out playing a round! The ball market and golf divot tool (with ball marker included) are part of the SP4 Collection of products.

Love something and want more?

Short Par 4 has offers the items that they send in your membership box for purchase individually as well, so if you love something you’ve received in this month’s box, you can always go in and buy more! Best of all they carry the best in name brand golf goods as well as their own SP4 Collection.

Membership Options

  • Fairway – $54.95 per month ($110+ value)
  • Executive – $109.95 per month ($220+ value)
  • Magnolia – women’s golf $99 per month ($200+ value)
  • Junior – for your junior golfers $49.99 per month ($110+ value)
  • Glove Club – your choice of white or colors $15 per month, every other month, or every 3 months ($25 value):

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