You had your clubs professionally fit. You bought 3 dozen golf balls (because you know you’ll be losing a LOT of them the way you’ve been playing). You’ve got a great golf glove to keep a good grip on those clubs. But, what about those old golf shoes that you’ve been wearing?  It’s time to UPGRADE those shoes for both comfort and grip. Spikes or spikeless, your feet will thank you, your swing will change, your accuracy and distance will improve with practice, and you’ll become deadly with a putter, but you will always do these things while standing on your feet.



Your feet need to be comfortable!

Have you ever developed a blister while walking or running? It’s all you can think about and it ruins the experience. Don’t let uncomfortable shoes ruin your golf game. This is the most important area where you shouldn’t let your frugality make the decision for you. You will be wearing these shoes many times and they should be considered an investment.

Comfort should be your biggest concern 

Your foot should not move at all on your heel when you walk, yet your toes shouldn’t feel cramped. Have your shoes professional fit to your feet and walk around in them before you buy them. I like to be fitted in the pro shop because each brand will have a different fit. Remember to wear the socks that you’ll be wearing while playing golf, and not your everyday ones.

At least here in Florida where we have rain at least half of the year, I feel that having waterproof golf shoes so that your feet remain dry in damp conditions is a plus, but I also want comfort. Having both waterproof and good leather ones means that you can pick and choose based on the weather and course conditions. Don’t forget that good socks are important too; they will wick perspiration away from your feet, keeping your feet dry and comfortable.


These days just about all golf courses prohibit metal spiked shoes in an effort to protect the greens. Remember to purchase shoes that allow you to change the rubber spikes easily, and while you’re there, purchase some extras. You never know when you might lose one. Replace the spikes when they become worn. If you’ve never done it before, I have a set of instructions for replacing the rubber spikes on your golf shoes.

With all the things you have to worry about while playing golf, your feet shouldn’t be one of them. When it comes to golf footwear, quality counts.