OK, let’s get by the name “BALLSY” this is a quality product, even if you think the name is juvenile.

This a company that believes it has the tools for the job but works for the entire body. What follows is their product names and their solution to an age-old problem. Please excuse the names and descriptions (they are theirs, not mine).



A ball and body wash that features activated charcoal with 10 essential oils and plant extracts that moisturize, cleanse and leave you smelling great. Ballwash is perfect for your most sensitive areas and odor prone locations. If anything it’s a great shower gel that leaves you feeling fresh.



I’ve been there. After a round of golf on a hot summer day, I may not smell exactly the same as I did when I left the house in the morning. A quick spray in the locker room before heading home battles odors smooths irritation and keeps you smelling great when you spray it here, there and everywhere.



I’m not much of a cologne guy, but if I were, I’d like having mine in a solid, portable can. The cologne is in beeswax making it moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Available in three scents that are perfect for any occasion…

  • Ocean & Air
  • Forest & Fields
  • Citrus & Cedar

Use this trifecta and you will have great results.

  • Ballsy products are available individually, or in a Sack Pack, like the one I show here.