If you travel U.S. 1 in Fort Pierce, Florida, you may have passed this little squat grey building many, many times. If you are interested in golf PUMP UP THE BRAKES – pull in, and you will find a driving practice range, and so much more!

As you leave your car you see 13 practice bays, all of which have newer hitting pads. The bays are all under a roof for sun and moisture protection (so don’t worry about the weather, you can go no matter what the weather outside of a hurricane or monsoon).

The yardage is posted with accurate flags and signs. Along with the practice bays, you’ll also find 3 teaching bays as well as a huge of the grass area for those preferring to hit from the grass.

Head straight to the clubhouse to get a basket of balls and you will meet Bob, who will happily check you out and get them for you. The prices are:

  • Small bucket – $7.00
  • Medium bucket – $11.00
  • Large bucket – $13.50
  • Supersize – $22.00

My only complaint is that when compared to other driving ranges that I visit, their prices are higher. But, the balls are fresh, hitable, and that does count for a lot.

But, it’s not just the clean hitting bays, the spotless clubhouse with snacks and drinks, and the odds and ends golf equipment that I like about U.S. 1 Golf. It is the addition of teaching pro Jeffrey that turns this nice little range into a real learning center for golf.

Jeffrey has been a PGA member since 1979, and aside from the lessons and grips, he has also been a master club fitter for the past 15 years. If you call central casting for a golf pro, this is what you get, tall, lanky with Ken Venturi hair.

Time to talk about lessons

I’m always open for something…anything to improve my swing. so I signed up for a lesson. I’m 67 years old, and when I take a lesson and have the pro say that I have to start all over again is out of the question. Jeffrey offers a 15-minute lesson for $25. He took a look at my swing, made a change, and by the end of the lesson I hit a small draw. I now have something to practice! It is well worth the money. He also offers video if you are so inclined. But it’s not just these “quick hit” lessons that are available, he also offers 30 minutes, 1 hour, a 5-session package and a player package.

All of this makes U.S. 1 Golf a little oasis in a sea of 55 mph asphalt.

On a scale of double bogey to hole in one, I rate U.S. 1 Golf a solid Birdy.

U.S. 1 Golf is located at:

  • 3847 N. U.S. 1, Fort Pierce, Florida

Check their site for more information – https://us1golf.com/

For questions or to set up a lesson with Jeffrey Carpenter email – JeffCarpenter@US1Golf.com