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Father’s Day has come and gone with a fun round of golf with my son (he hits the ball over 250 yards). We spent the day trying out some of the latest equipment because when you’ve got multiple golfers in the family, get-togethers always mean at LEAST 9 holes and sometimes 27 holes (if it’s not too hot out), and adding some golf gear that can save time and strokes off of your game.

Blue Tees Series 3 Max Rangefinder

Ben checked this one out. He’s more of the tech-lover and he also was cranking the ball over 270yards on this outing. Having the Blue Tees Series 3 Max Rangefinder made pinpointing his yardage easy. With a simple push of a button as you look through the lens, we were able to check the yardage and position of the ball. My 153 yards seemed pathetic next to his, but then again he’s a LOT younger (38 years old) and a LOT more fit than I am (I turn 70 this year).

Before using this Blue Tees Rangefinder, I had been under the impression that taking the time to check yardage would dramatically slow down our game, but because it’s a simple point-and-shoot technology there was no time factor involved. I do like the fact that it offers the latest slope technology that accounts for elevation change to provide the exact yardage needed for any shot on the course.

For those of us who are older, with more shaky hands, the option to LOCK on the flag was extremely helpful and the signal (vibration) that it found and locked on it meant that it was QUICK and easy to use. The lens is clear with no haziness.

The Blue Tees Series 3 Max Rangefinder is available in 3 colors (black, navy, and pink) and is outfitted with 2 strong magnets that make it easy to secure to the cart as you move from tee box to ball to hole. Pricing is so much less than other rangefinders, with all of the features (and more) of the more expensive brands.

Check out their bundle deals for even more great products and savings

Duca del Cosma Golf Shoes

Aside from your clubs, the ONE thing that can make or break your game is a good pair of golf shoes. Not only is comfort a factor (especially on those days that you want to walk the course), but your shoes need to give you the traction, balance, and stability for a longer, more accurate swing. Think about what happens if your shoes slip (maybe you shouldn’t). Over the years, as with most other golfers, we’ve transitioned from the traditional golf shoe to the sneaker style, but what I had found is that since switching to spikeless shoes, the ability to grip has been diminished. One look at the bottom of the Valderama’s by Duca del Cosma and you can see and feel the difference that the Airplay IV is Duca’s first fully recyclable and spikeless outsole provides. The functional nubs across the sole help generate progressive stability and optimal grip, while its slightly elevated heel height provides the perfect stance.

Duca del Cosma vs the golf shoes I’d been wearing.


Made of quality Italian leather, these shoes reduce the foot fatigue that happens when you’re spending a full day on the greens. Late-round fatigue affects my game (which is why I often go play 9 vs. 18), but I found that the Duca Del Cosma Valderama‘s molded to my feet and allowed me a secure stance. Normally, I switch out the inner soles of my golf shoes with a high-end one that cups my feet better, but the waterproof sock system with OnSteam® recyclable microfibre, and  ARNEFLEX® insole memory foam that’s covered with OnSteam® recyclable microfibre did a great job all on its own.

Not to be dismissed is the great LOOK of these shoes. They are a combination of the saddle shoe look that I missed wearing coupled with a sophisticated sneaker styling that looks sharp ON the course as well as in the clubhouse over drinks and lunch. It’s rare that you find both cutting-edge technology, AND looks in a golf shoe and I for one appreciate what they’ve done with this shoe model.

Based on the quality of these golf shoes, I would also check out their gloves because NOTHING beats great Italian leather.

Campbell Caddie

We’ve all done it….walked away from the hole, only to leave our club behind. Not only have I done THAT numerous times, but how many times have you set your club down in the grass only to pick up a WET, GRASSY GRIP? With the Campbell Caddie, you won’t leave that club behind OR have to wipe off your grip, because this golf accessory takes care of all of that AND the backache bending down to pick up your clubs hole after hole after hole.

The Campbell Caddie will help you enjoy your rounds and slips into your golf bag in between uses. There will be no more wet, grassy, or sandy grips, clubs left behind, or the aches and pains of excessive bending or stooping over. You simply put it into the grass and lean your putter, wedge, or iron into the caddie. There’s nothing that bothers me more than having to circle back for a club left behind. The vibrant colors stand out so that WON’T HAPPEN and is available in bright blue, yellow, red, and black.

FYI – my wife takes it with her to the beach to hang her pocketbook so it doesn’t get sand in it.

These make a great gift as well!

What’s on your “MUST BUY” list for golf this season?