Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Flavor Palm Beach

So, the last may not be a NATIONAL holiday, but in the “S” household it certainly is something to be celebrated and Mrs. S (Zippy from Champagne Living) celebrated in ADVANCE as she got to taste a bit of what Sinclair’s Ocean Grill, located at the Jupiter Beach Resort in Jupiter, FL will be offering on both the lunch and dinner menus for Flavor Palm Beach from September 1-30, 2019.

The 3-course menu is offered at a great price for the month of September

  • $23 lunch
  • $45 dinner

As with all of the Flavor Palm Beach restaurants, you’re going to want to head to their site and make your reservations QUICKLY (like NOW), so that you don’t miss out on Chef Ricky’s mouth-watering dishes like these

and finishing off with

For more about Flavor Palm Beach or Sinclair’s Ocean Grill visit: