The smallest piece of golf equipment is likely one of the most important. I’m talking about those spikes on the bottom of your golf shoes. Years ago they were metal, but that’s just a memory for us old-timers now. Today, most clubs allow soft-spikes only on the course.

a bag of spikes

Beyond simply cleaning your spikes

Its recommended that you change spikes every twenty to twenty-five rounds of play. I’m going to assume that that is a number put out there by spike/shoe manufacturers. Then again, for most people, that works out to changing your spikes every 1-2 seasons of play.

You’ll need a spike wrench and new soft spikes.

Don’t slip because of worn-out spikes

It’s easy to change them. Head to your pro-shop or your favorite golf store. You’ll need a spike wrench and a package of soft spikes – approximate cost $5 – $15. Be sure to check that the spikes use the same system for your particular shoe. It turns out (after buying the wrong ones) that there are eight different cleat systems. Luckily your pro or store should know which brands of golf shoes align with each of the cleat systems.

Changing your golf soft spikes

Changing your spikes is easy to do and takes about 10 minutes to do.

Removing old cleats

OLD spike

  1. Take your golf shoe and turn it over.
  2. Using the wrench & place it in the appropriate holes on the cleat
  3. Turn counter-clockwise. The spike should come out easily.

Shoe with old spike removed

To put in a new one

  1. Marry the wrench and the new spike.
  2. Place the spike system onto the bottom of the shoe.
  3. Turn clockwise.

That’s IT! You’ll now have a slipless and grounded golf shoe. I hope that it improves your swing and don’t forget to take a golf lesson to help your swing as well.