About Mr. S

My name is Alan, but you can call me Mr. S. I can divide my life into three twenty year sections.

First – my life as a restauranteur

I began (with some help) the most popular restaurant and bar in Providence, RI. It was frequented by everyone from those in the neighborhood, students from nearby RISD and Brown University, as well as celebrities like Jackie Onassis, Peter Wolf, John Kennedy Jr., Amy Carter, Max Von Sydow, all of the professional teams visiting the city for games, came for dinner and more. A second restaurant in Newport, RI and backstage catering for events like the Newport Jazz Festival rounded out our business.

Second – the automobile business

I love cars…ALL cars and the second twenty years of my life were devoted to the car business. Whether they be big ones, small ones, old ones or new ones, I had a passion for driving and buying. My business was buying and selling cars to automotive dealerships up and down the East Coast.

Third – retirement

This has been the most difficult challenge of my life. GOLF! No matter how many lessons I take, or how many buckets of balls I hit at a driving range, I still SUCK. Fellow golfers approach me with pity in their eyes offering advice as to how I should hit the ball…but, it doesn’t help. I still SUCK.


  • I love it.
  • I hate it.
  • It is my daily challenge.

There you have it

The three periods of my life. I’ll be tackling them and more here on Cars, Bars, and Pars. I hope you find them interesting and learn from my mistakes and successes as well as the ways that I find to live the best life that I can.

Until tomorrow

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