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My wife will tell you…I’d rather do almost ANYTHING than shop. I’ll cook dinner and even clean up after myself, I’ll take the dog for a walk in a storm. I’ll even sit through a Lifetime movie with her if it means that I don’t have to go into a store.

I hate to shop!

As an avid golfer (yes, THAT I’ll do any time, any day of the week) I do love having great equipment, looking good on the course, and being stocked with plenty of balls, tees, and gloves, but I usually either grab something while I’m checking out in the pro-shop or just ask my wife to pick them up for me while she’s out (she is the complete opposite of me, she could spend all day going from store to store). Did I mention that I don’t even like shopping online (except for cars…I like to look at old cars online).

When I learned that there are subscription boxes that send a monthly box of great golf apparel, gloves, balls, tees, and other equipment I knew that I HAD to check them out. With the holidays on the horizon, these make a great gift for ANY golfer, but for someone like me who hates to shop, it makes the BEST gift.

Today I’m showcasing THREE very different subscription boxes for golfers. I realize that everyone likes something a little different, and I found that all three of them offered options that I really like.

Short Par 4

Short Par 4 is that triple eagle you’ve been searching for. 

  • 3 Questions
  • 3 Membership Options
  • 1 Winning Subscription Box to your door every month

What I LIKE about it.

I tried the Fairway Membership Box and I like the fact that not only do they ask the usual questions like – right-handed vs left-handed, how often you play and what’s your handicap, but Short Par 4 gets to know you a little better by asking you to choose from various STYLES to see just what type of style is your most comfortable. It’s funny that a conservative dresser like myself (I’m a button-down shirt and khaki pants kind of guy) picked over-the-top colors and came out with a “Loud & Wild” style. But somewhere inside of me, I think that there’s a part of me that WANTS to be THAT GUY.

Questions they ask:

  • Shirt Size
  • Pant Size
  • Shoe Size
  • Hat Size
  • Glove Size
  • Glove Hand
  • Putter Type
  • and series of clothing photos where you choose your favorite colors & styles

My first box included a RED, WHITE & BLUE polo by 1764. Now, I’m not a small man. I’m almost 6’2″ and an XXXL (yes, I need to get my weight down), but Short Par 4 carries not only MY size but I found that the shirt they sent was LONG enough. The bag (everything arrived in a branded mailer bag) also included an oversized branded Short Par 4 golf towel and oversized tees (the only type that I’ll use).

Memberships include:

  • Fairway Membership – $54.95 per month with a $110 value
  • Executive Membership $109.95 per month with a $220 value
  • Magnolia Membership – $99 per month with a $200 value (my wife would LOVE this)
  • They also offer the first of its kind GOLF GLOVE MEMBERSHIP!!!

Tee up at: to learn more.

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Mullybox is like hitting an 89 when you never break 100.

What I like about it

Of the 3 boxes that I received, Mullybox not only had the most products, but it also seemed to be extremely high quality. TNO MULLIGANS NECESSARY!

Mullybox claims that whether you are a scratch golfer or a beginner, you want to play better (don’t we all). So, they strive to make golf easier for you by carefully selecting gear that helps you develop what you need to look, feel, and play better. I know for a fact that using better equipment can absolutely help you be a better golfer and this subscription box is a straight shot and will make a great gift this holiday season.

While there is one subscription option vs. multiple by some of the other brands, this box just seemed to offer so much more.

Questions asked

  • Gender
  • Glove Hand
  • Glove Size
  • Shirt Size

The box that I received had a leaf-patterned LinkSoul short-sleeved shirt, a pair of no-show Pro-Dry golf socks by Swinger in the Mullybox colors, 2 sleeves of OnCore elixir golf balls, a Coral Golf Co glove (with a fun wrist pattern), tees, a bottle of Go Low Supplement and some Golf Impact Recorder Tape that I can’t WAIT to put on the head of my club to see if helps me to address the ball a little better.


Your Mullybox is delivered every 3 months at a cost of $111.11 with a value as high as $250 and is seasonally curated and delivered 4 times per year!

Tee Up at to learn more.


Swinger Box

I’m almost embarrassed to say that I first learned about Swinger Box from my wife. She co-hosts a show and often has former New York Giants wide receiver Stephen Baker on when they talk about golf and other men’s interests. He is one of those guys who plays a LOT of golf (charity events, etc.) and he was excited about the box. I’ll also admit to raising my eyebrows when she told me (incorrectly) that the Swingers Box arrived. LOL – it’s the SWINGER BOX (we had a good laugh over that one).

Swinger Box calls itself the”Golf subscription box for any season” and offers the most economical entry of the three boxes. At $49 for a Starter Special and comes with a performance polo & 2nd apparel item as well as a leather glove & tees, it’s easy to check out what you’d get each month without making the commitment UNTIL you know that it’s something you’ll like. The Gear Box is their regular monthly subscription an offers a variety that might include apparel, outerwear, accessories as well as balls, tees & gloves.


  • Set a style – classic, modern or bold
  • Lefty or Righty
  • Waist Size (48 W is the largest)
  • Pant Length
  • Shirt Size (they go up to a 4XL!!!)
  • With the option of getting an o

The box I received included not one, but TWO very nice polo shirts (one in pink and one in gray) with one of them in size 5XL (so they may have these sizes occasionally as well), branded tees, and no-show socks, a Birdie golf cap, and club wipes.


Of the three boxes this one offers a $49 starter box so that you can check it out before subscribing. The regular Gear Box membership is $69 per month

Tee it up at:

Do you get a golf subscription box that we didn’t mention? Let us know and we’ll try to review it as well.